Main courses

Risotto with soya and roasted courgette,
served with baby spinach and cheese from Nagyigmánd
2.550 HUF

Trout fillet with broccoli, carrot confit and Riesling butter sauce
4.690 HUF

Farm-bred chicken breast and BBQ wing
with bacon peas, roasted onion and tepid romaine lettuce heart
3.450 HUF

Rosé roasted duck breast with apple,
cabbage marmalade and gnocchi
4.390 HUF

Pork medallions and crispy pig ears
with roasted cauliflower and young onion potato mash
3.950 HUF

Pork cheek Bakonyi style with ramsons spätzle
and marinated cucumber
3.990 HUF

Water-buffalo leg confit with mustard and sweet-potato
3.950 HUF

Mangalitza chop with Grenadiermarsch, veal liver and beetroot
4.550 HUF

U.S. Prime sirloin steak with rosemary-seasoned Jerusalem artichoke,
baby pak choi and Infusio reduction
6.950 HUF