Main courses

Sugar-pea risotto with home-made yogurt,
roasted onions and flavoury mushrooms
2.550 HUF

Salmon trout fillet with buttery broccoli and orange carrot
4.290 HUF

Farm-raised chicken breast and wing
with young onion potato mash and roasted zucchini
2.950 HUF

Rosé roasted duck breast and duck liver
with roasted cabbage and onion pearl-barley risotto
4.950 HUF

Mangalitza chop with traditional potato noodles
and home-made pickles
4.290 HUF

Sage-seasoned pork medallions and belly
with sweet-potato and marinated beetroot
3.990 HUF

Beef cheek in red wine with stewed vegetables,
mushroom and roasted gnocchi
4.250  HUF

Water-buffalo leg confit with young onion parsnip mash,
home-made chestnut croquett and red wine plum
3.890 HUF

Rolled lamb shoulder and rosé roasted saddle fillet with
cauliflower chick-pea and buttery pak choi
5.890 HUF