Main courses

Spinach risotto with roasted onions
and flavoury mushrooms
2.550 HUF

Cod fillet with roasted cauliflower,
home-made noodles and butter sauce
4.950 HUF

Fish rissole with coriander
and pumpkin vegetable dish with lemon
3.890 HUF

Farm-bred chicken breast suprême
with creamy corn and spinach potato mash
3.150 HUF

Rosé roasted duck breast
with roasted polenta and colewort
4.850 HUF

Mangalitza chop with egg letcho
and potato chips
4.390 HUF

Flitter-mouse fried in panko crumbs,
garnished with chive potato salad
3.190 HUF

Water-buffalo leg confit with celery mash
and roasted French beans
3.950 HUF

Aged rump-steak with roasted sweet-potatoes
and egg-plant mash
5.450 HUF