Main courses

Red beet risotto with creamy gorgonzola and pear
2.250 HUF

Salmon trout fillet with buttery broccoli and orange carrots
4.190 HUF

Farm-bred chicken breast and thyme-seasoned leg fillet
with parsley potato mash and tepid red beet salad
2.950 HUF

Tender and crispy duck leg
with roasted cabbage noodles and baked apple
3.750 HUF

Slow-cooked pork cheek with its own sauce
and smoked pearl-barley sauerkraut
3.190 HUF

Water-buffalo leg confit with new onion parsnip mash,
home-made chestnut croquettes and red wine plums
3.690 HUF

Mangalitza chop roasted in garlic butter,
served with sour cream potato rösti and crispy celery chips
3.950 HUF

Juicy lamb shoulder confit in whole and crispy knuckle
with bacon Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes
4.850 HUF

Venison saddle with roasted onion topinambur,
tender red beet cream and hazelnut
5.890 HUF