Main courses

Beetroot risotto with walnut pear and gorgonzola
2.550 HUF

Pike-perch fillet with buttery carrot mash and colewort quinoa
4.950 HUF

Farm-bred chicken breast with pumpkin mash and onion Brussels sprouts
3.450 HUF

Tender and crispy duck leg with roasted cabbage noodles and Calvados apple
4.190 HUF

Tender pork shoulder with vegetable-caper lentils and parsnip
4.550 HUF

Water-buffalo leg confit with cheese potato mash and truffle blueberries
3.950 HUF

Mangalitza chop roasted in garlic butter, served with sweet potato and marinated beetroot
4.950 HUF

Veal rib-eye with rosemary-seasoned potato, roasted cauliflower and flap mushroom velouté
5.950 HUF

Venison saddle fillet with topinambur, fava bean and hazelnut
5.950 HUF