Degustation menu

Degustation menu

Amuse bouche
CARASSIA pezsgő Pincészet
Frisa Rosé 2017

Goose rillette with pickled mushroom and smoked goose breast
Abbey Winery Pannonhalma
Rajnai Rizling 2017

Beetroot risotto with walnut pear and gorgonzola
Abbey Winery Pannonhalma
Tramini 2017

Pike-perch fillet with buttery carrot mash and colewort quinoa
Abbey Winery Pannonhalma
Hemina 2016


Venison saddle fillet with topinambur,
fava bean and hazelnut
Abbey Winery Pannonhalma
Infusio 2016

Bitter chocolate hazelnut mousse with fig
Benedictine bitter liqueur

Menu price: 11.900,- HUF / person
(excl. wines)
Wines matched with the courses: 6.100,- HUF / person

Our degustation menu is offered only on preliminary reservation.